Teenage Birth Rates

Teenage birth rates have gone up and down over the last 60+ years. Where do the teenage birth rates stand now? The statistics point to a downward trend, which hopefully can be continued in the coming years. Keep reading for more on teenage birth rates.

From 1940 to 1957 the teenage birth rate climbed a staggering 78 percent. It then dropped until the mid-1980s when […] Continue Reading…

Why Teens get Pregnant

Teenagers get pregnant for a number of reasons. However, one of the best ways you can discourage teen pregnancy is to provide reliable information on pregnancy and sex. Keep reading for more information on why teens get pregnant, and how to prevent teen pregnancy.

One of the biggest issues that comes with raising teens has to with teen pregnancy. While it can be difficult for […] Continue Reading…

Teen Pregnancy Tests

Are you a teenager who may be pregnant? Or, the parent of a sexually active teen that may be pregnant? Early pregnancy detection is essential to pregnancy health. This article has information on signs of teen pregnancy and options for teen pregnancy tests.

One of the things to be aware of if you are sexually active (or even if you have only had sex once), is […] Continue Reading…

Teen Pregnancy Statistics

The United States has the highest rates of teenage pregnancy and teen births in the western industrialized world. Teen pregnancy costs the United States at least $7 billion annually. Keep reading for more interesting facts on teen pregnancy statistics.

The fact that just under 1/3 of all girls in the United States will get pregnant in their teenage years is a sobering thought. Obviously, teen […] Continue Reading…

More Sites to Visit

We have gathered these resources to help in your search for education on teen pregnancy and related topics.

More on teen pregnancy :

National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy – articles on statistics and prevention.

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Teen Suicide

Finding out your pregnant as a teenager can feel disastrous. Suddenly you may think your future plans are gone. You may even have thoughts of suicide. Here are some ideas of what you should do if you find yourself pregnant and suicidal.

First of all, any depression, whether or not it is associated with your pregnancy, should be addressed. However, with pregnancy, your mood swings […] Continue Reading…

Teen Pregnancy Consequences

A variety of consequences may result from teen pregnancy, consequences that affect the teen herself, the baby’s father, the baby, and the extended families. This article provides an overview of some of the main consequences of teen pregnancy.


Many pregnant teens have to face the difficult situation of immediately making choices about their teenage pregnancy and education and future in light of someone else. Unlike […] Continue Reading…

Shelters for Pregnant Teens

Many pregnant teens find themselves homeless or living in dangerous situations, and for some of these teens a shelter for pregnant teens may be able to provide a safe environment and support as they strive to care for themselves and their babies.

Shelters for pregnant teens offer a place to live when teens are pregnant and find themselves homeless, in a dangerous environment, or in […] Continue Reading…

Prenatal Care for Pregnant Teens

Getting proper prenatal care during the first trimester of pregnancy is helpful in having a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. If unplanned pregnancy or unexpected pregnancy occurs teens are less likely to get prenatal care. Keep reading for tips on getting prenatal care for pregnant teens.

One of the biggest challenges involved with newborn health when mothers are teenagers is prenatal care. Some estimates find that […] Continue Reading…