Help Our Site!!!

Thanks so much for visiting our site. It’s been a work in progress over the last couple years and we’re looking forward to adding much more content for our visitors in the next year. We plan to add the following features ASAP:

  1. Site Newsletter
  2. Surveys on Teen Pregnancy
  3. Expanded Article Categories
  4. More Web Resources for Pregnant Teens and Parents of Pregnant Teenagers
  5. Possibly even a web forum to facilitate discussion groups


We have people ask us all the time on how to help us in our goal to reach more teens and parents.

The biggest help is linking to this site. 

This can be done in any number of methods:

  1. From your Facebook/MySpace/Twitter account
  2. Link from your web blog – personal, business, or whatever.
  3. Tell your family/friends where you found the statistics/info.
  4. If you list this site as a source of information in a paper – please put the full URL.

When you link to our site it’s best if you use the following information:

Website URL : (or specific page/category link)

Website TITLE (anchor text) : Teen Pregnancy

What this does for our site

The more links you can give to our site – the better we do in google/yahoo/msn. We can reach more people in the search engines and we hope people will bookmark us and keep visiting our site for the great information we provide.

We don’t make much money on this site, but every little bit helps. We get a couple dollars a day to help with web hosting costs and domain name registration. We try to keep this site free of too many ads of the portal style and we don’t beg for donations. If we get more feedback that people don’t want ads, but they are willing to give – we would gladly switch… 🙂

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to bring you this information.


Matt, Chris, Brenda, & Steph (contributors to Pregnant Teen Help)