Teenage Pregnancy and Religion


Pregnancy statistics show a link between teenage pregnancy and religion. Despite the fact that many religions encourage abstinence and saying no to premarital sex among teens, the teenage pregnancy rate is actually higher in states with a stronger religious presence.

However, there could be several reasons for this. Other pregnancy statistics show an increase in births in states where there is more conservative religious beliefs. [...] Continue Reading…

Advice for Teens Considering Adoption


Advice for teens considering adoption can be a helpful source of comfort for those teens who find themselves in the scary and unexpected predicament of being pregnant. Looking at the advice for teens considering adoption might help them make the best decision concerning their unborn baby and themselves.

In addition to simply receiving advice, it is important for teens to take a hard look at [...] Continue Reading…

Teen Birth Control


Finding the best teen birth control is one of the best ways to help cut down on the growing number of teen pregnancies that occur in the United States each year. When it comes to teen birth control, there are a few options that are better than others. Keep reading to learn more.

There are some types of teen birth control methods that are better [...] Continue Reading…

Teenage Pregnancy and Miscarriage


When it comes to teenage pregnancy and miscarriage, it is important to know that about 15 to 25 percent of teen pregnancies may result in a miscarriage. There are many reasons for this. There are several reasons for teenage pregnancy and miscarriage. Keep reading to learn more.

According to teenage pregnancy and miscarriage statistics, about 900,000 teen girls get pregnant each year in the United [...] Continue Reading…

Condoms Help Prevent More Than Teen Pregnancy


When it comes to safe sex, it is important for sexually active teens to realize that condoms help prevent more than teen pregnancy. There are many risks teens take when they have unprotected sex including unintended pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases.

Based on the history of the condom, this prevention device has been used during sexual intercourse to prevent sexually transmitted infections for [...] Continue Reading…

Teenage Pregnancy and Divorce


The numbers between teenage pregnancy and divorce often correlate, unfortunately for those pregnant teens that get married young. According to the teenage pregnancy and divorce rates, men and women that marry as teens are more likely to get divorced than couples that are over the age of 25 at the time of marriage.

Typically the first marriage for teen women under the age of 18 [...] Continue Reading…