Prenatal Care for Pregnant Teens

Getting proper prenatal care during the first trimester of pregnancy is helpful in having a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. If unplanned pregnancy or unexpected pregnancy occurs teens are less likely to get prenatal care. Keep reading for tips on getting prenatal care for pregnant teens.

One of the biggest challenges involved with newborn health when mothers are teenagers is prenatal care. Some estimates find that 1/3 of pregnant teens do not get the prenatal care that they need. This is a problem, since inadequate prenatal care can lead to a host of problems. Babies with low birth weights can have health problems that last their whole lives. Other issues, such as not eating right or being involved in dangerous activities, can result in miscarriage or in permanent damage to the unborn baby.

While improper prenatal care doesn’t always lead to problems for the developing fetus, the chances that a baby will have problems when not properly cared for in utero are increased. And, even though some who get good prenatal care have babies born with health problems, your baby’s health stands a better chance when you get the right prenatal care.

Getting proper prenatal care for pregnant teens

The first thing that should be done once you know you are pregnant is to call a health care provider. Pregnant teens need to get in contact with a health provider and make an appointment. If you don’t know where to turn, there are a number of community services and organizations that can help you. Visit your local Health Department, Women’s Center or Planned Parenthood to help you find access to prenatal health care. Many of these organizations can also help you navigate public assistance programs like Medicaid that can help you get the care you need, even if you are low on funds.

Next, you need to stop do things that are likely to harm the fetus. If you want to increase the chances that you have a healthy baby, you need to stop some habits. Smoking, alcohol use, and drug use can all harm an unborn child. These practices can result in low birth rate, and can even cause some problems in utero, including stroke. Consider that once you are pregnant, you are no longer only affecting your body; there is a developing fetus that is affected by all that you do.

After you begin working on quitting your bad habits, you need to cultivate good health habits. Consult with your health care provider about an appropriate diet for prenatal care. You will need plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and dairy. Your health care provider can help you work out a meal plan that can result in a healthier pregnancy. Also, consider starting an exercise program, if you haven’t already. You will need to ask your health care provider which exercises are appropriate for pregnant women to do, and make sure that you are following the guidelines for prenatal physical activity.

While dieting is not always a bad thing, it is not something you can do while you are pregnant. If you want your baby to get the proper nourishment, it is vital that you eat well each day. This doesn’t mean that you go wild and eat everything. However, you do need to recognize that a healthy weight gain for most is between 15 pounds and 30 pounds over the course of a teen pregnancy. Make sure that check with your health care provider, and get some solid information on what is most likely to be healthy for you.

In the end, having a healthy baby depends a great deal on what you do as a mom. Prenatal care for pregnant teens is very important. Pregnant teenagers may not know what they need to do in order to take good care of an unborn child. However, if you are a smart teen, you will get in touch with a health care provider as soon as possible in order to increase the chances that fetal development will move forward in a normal and healthy manner.