PregnantPause Review

To discover more resources for pregnant teens, here is your chance to check out our PregnantPause review. In this PregnantPause review we are taking a look at a teen site that is geared toward teen pregnancy issues the pro-life stance toward serious issues like abortion.

Unlike many other teen online websites, PregnantPause is a website with a little more of an agenda than most other teen sites. In our PregnantPause review, we wanted to take a look at the pros and cons of this teen website to see if it really is a good resource for pregnant teens. Keep reading to learn more from our PregnantPause review.

PregnantPause Features and Focus:

PregnantPause is a website that is geared toward the benefit of teens, pregnant teens and young adults who are interested in learning about these issues as well as abortion. The website has many opinion-based articles about serious subject matter like adoption, teen birth, sex education, law and action surrounding teen pregnancy, adoption and abortion as well as teen pregnancy statistics. The site is somewhat interactive giving teens the chance to submit poetry and prose, which may become featured on the site. PregnantPause features subjects like infanticide, euthanasia, adoption and abortion in great detail. If you are teen that is simply looking for information on some of these topics,  you can get information for reports, presentations and homework assignments on PregnantPause complete with citing help and assistance.

The Pros of PregnantPause:

Because there is tons of facts, statistics and other reliable information concerning topics like teen pregnancy, adoption information, abortion facts, stories from teens who have been there and more, PregnantPause can prove to be a valuable resource for those looking for that information. There is also tons of information available about other teen and lifestyle issues like bio-ethics/medical ethics, overpopulation, racism and health care. PregnantPause also providers visitors with the chance to learn information that this is all related to but on the political and legislative level. The site gives information about how teens and young adults can get politically involved in these issues if they are interested. Overall, the information listed on the PregnantPause website can be extremely helpful to teens and students in general looking for reliable information on this subject matter.

The Cons of PregnantPause:

In our PregnantPause review, we found out a few things about the website that might be discouraging to some teens or visitors looking for information. The entire site is dedicated to providing information strictly to the Pro-life abortion debate. If you are simply looking for information on teen sex, pregnancy and informational topics about these issues, but are not really looking to get into the abortion debate, then this site may not be the best option for the information you are looking for because it is quite limited to taking the pro-life stance in just about every article written on the site. As a teen, or as a parent of a teen, looking for information about sex-related topics, there might be a few other teen websites out there that would be better options. However, if you are looking for information that is pro-life generated then PregnantPause would be a good option to consider when looking for informative websites for teens. However, keep in mind all of the articles on this site are indeed opinionated, which can often skew factual results regarding these same topics. Just like any other site on the web, be sure to do other fact checking to make sure the information they are providing is correct before risking to use it in a school project, report or presentation.

Overall we found in our PregnantPause review that this site is indeed informative, but isn’t as user friendly as the results of other teen resources websites we found online. Be sure to check out PregnantPause for yourself to learn more and find out if this is a good resource that you may like to use for your information gathering on issues like teen pregnancy, adoption, abortion and other teen sex issues.