Teen Pregnancy Options

Unplanned teen pregnancies bring mixed feelings.  There are a number of teen pregnancy options you can choose from when you find out you are pregnant. You can raise the baby, place the baby for adoption, or you can have an abortion (end the pregnancy).

Once you know you are indeed pregnant you will need to think about many factors to make your decision.  Be sure to discuss your options with your doctor and with others that you trust.  Make your decision as early as possible.

If you plan to have the baby obtain prenatal care – this is vital, even if you place your baby for adoption.  If you choose to raise the child be prepared for a long-term commitment and build a good support system.  If you cannot raise a child but do not want to have an abortion, adoption may be a good option. In an adoption, a child legally gets new parents.

A decision to have an abortion should be made as early as possible. The type of procedure used and some of the risks involved depend on how long you have been pregnant. The earlier a woman has an abortion, the safer it is. Abortion is a very personal decision.

With both adoption and abortion you may experience a mixture of feelings that may last for a long time.  Counseling can help you come to terms with this decision.  The effects of teen pregnancy can be difficult to cope with.  The decision to raise the child, place the child for adoption, or have an abortion may be very hard for you to make. The sooner you seek advice and help, the better.

Source:  The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists