SexReally Review

If you are a teen looking for a website with plenty of information about sex, birth control and more, check out our SexReally review. In this SexReally review, we are going over one of the most popular teen contraception and sexually informative sites on the web.

There are a variety of tools and resources online for pregnant teens and young adults, one of them being the SexReally teen website. This site is dedicated to providing teens and young adults in their 20s with a variety of information ranging from birth control options, teen pregnancy information and more. For pregnant teens, SexReally is a great option to help them get regularly updated information they may need toward educating themselves about teen pregnancy. Included in this website is complete access to articles, blog posts, polls and surveys, podcasts and videos ready to go and provide teens and young adults the chance to learn more about sex, pregnancy prevention, safe sex, sexually transmitted diseases and more.

What is SexReally?

The overall impact the creators of SexReally is trying to accomplish is to focus on relationships, making wiser health decisions, and being careful to avoid unplanned pregnancy. The idea is to help lower the rates of unplanned pregnancies among young women and teens since so many of those pregnancies end in abortion, poverty or child neglect because the young mother and father do not have enough know-how and experience to understand the full responsibility of taking care of a baby. One of the primary focuses behind SexReally is to not sugar coat sex and other sex-related issues. The creators talk about sex being everywhere from T.V. to magazines, movies and more. Instead of shying away from that, it is more important for teens to completely understand the risks they are taking to avoid STDs, unintended pregnancy and more to help teens and young adults make the best and most informative decisions regarding relationships, sex, fertility, contraceptives, STDs and other sex-related content.

Teens and SexReally:

When doing research for this SexReally review, we were first surprised at the vast amount of information available for teens looking for anything related to teen sex and sex-related topics. Another one of the positive elements of the site we found is that it appeals to both guys and girls. Sometimes websites for teens and young adults tend to attract female visitors substantially more than males. However, the overall look and design of the SexReally website appeals to the male teen because it also features articles, blog posts, polls, surveys and other content that is meant specifically for the guys. For the gals, SexReally is a great resource to turn to if any teen is looking for information on sex education, birth control, and controversial issues they are not comfortable bringing up with their parents.

Parents and SexReally:

The one downside we found in our SexReally review is that the site might be considered too graphic for the tween or young teen generation. In our SexReally review we found the target audience for this website is geared toward teens that are older or adults in their 20s. If you are a parent looking for a great online resource for your teen, you might want to make sure the content on the SexReally website is not too advanced or graphic for your teen. In addition to talking to your teen about sex and other sex-related issues, it might be a good idea to point them in a direction like SexReally’s online resource to help get them even more information about teen pregnancy, STDs and other issues they may face during their adolescent years. This is a place where teens and young adults can find the answers to questions they may be too worried or scared to as you, as their parent, or an adult.

Overall compared to many other similar websites, SexReally is one of the best we have found so far because it is great for a wide-range of ages as well as offers tons of content that is both informative as well as interactive, which is fun for teens and young adults. If you are a teen looking for a good variety of information on important sex-related issues, be sure to check out SexReally. If you are a parent looking for these kinds of resources to share with your teen about sex, we definitely recommend checking out SexReally.