Parenting Classes

Parenting classes are an important tool for many young parents especially pregnant teens who have no idea what to expect in raising a child. Taking parenting classes before having the baby will help teens become more confident and capable in raising their baby.

Parenting classes are a great idea for any new parent including pregnant teens. Both the teen mother and father should think about attending the parenting classes to learn the best ways to become a great parent. Many times, new parents don’t feel ready to have a baby.  New teen parents fall into this category even more because they are so young themselves and may have little to no experience in taking care of a baby. The thought of raising another individual can be daunting to any parent at any age. There are always challenges faced by any newly pregnant mother and the baby’s father. Many of these concerns are addressed and answered in parenting classes. Read on to find out more about the different types of parenting classes and how to find the type of parenting class that is right for you.   

Online parenting classes:

  • There are several websites dedicated to online parenting classes. Often with a minimal cost, you can watch live or streaming videos and presentations in these online parenting classes, which cover many positive parenting tips and simple techniques in learning how to take care of a baby. 
  • A simple Google search can help you find a variety of online parenting classes.
  • Many teens who feel intimidated about attending an in-person parenting class, may feel more comfortable in taking a parenting class online. 

Local parenting classes:

  • Many in-person parenting classes are offered at local community centers, high schools and other local spots. Check in your local newspaper to find announcements about these classes You can also ask your doctor who may have a recommendation about a local parenting class to attend. 
  • These types of parenting classes are great ideas for any teen looking for real hands-on experience. In many parenting classes, teens will learn confidence is how to take care of a newborn, like how to hold and dress the baby. How much to feed, how to regulate sleeping, etc. 
  • Parenting classes are also a great place to meet other parents in your same situation and to make friends. It is helpful to have that support group especially if you are a teen.    Pregnant teens might find that their high school friends do not have as much in common with them anymore and can use parenting classes as a way to meet others like you. 

Cost of Parenting Classes:

  • Costs vary from free to a small fee depending on where located and who is offering the class. Many community centers will offer parenting classes free as a service to the community.

In addition to making friends and learning how to be a good parent, you will also learn many helpful hints and tips about how to care for a baby. These tips include how to hold a baby properly with head and neck support. You will also learn how to change the baby’s clothes and swaddle it in a blanket without hurting the baby’s fragile limbs. One of the most important tricks you can learn in any of these parenting classes is how to properly change a babies diaper. The parenting class may also cover hygiene for the baby like how to properly bathe and treat cases of diaper rash. Some parenting classes are geared more toward new parents while others focus on parenting tips for those with young and older children. The classes may go over how to talk to your children about drugs, sex, alcohol and other issues. Many parenting classes for new parents also include information about the financial aspect of being a parent. Because babies cost more money than most new parents can imagine, a clear financial picture is given so these teen parents can learn the realities of the cost of babies. Budgeting tips and other financial advice is also often a subject of parenting classes for new parents. It is best to know the content of the parenting class when trying to find the best parenting class to take.

Any parent can benefit from taking parenting classes, but especially new parents and pregnant teens can find many useful tools and helpful tips from these parenting classes to help them feel better and become more prepared to be parents. Teens who are more prepared to become parents often have an easier time in finishing school as a mom as well as completing other life goals like getting a job and making a good income to support a baby.