Homes for Pregnant Teens

There are several different types of homes for pregnant teens, each focusing on clients with different needs. This article explains some of the different types of homes for pregnant teens including therapeutic residential facilities. Learn how to select a home for a pregnant teen and more.

Home Away From Home for Pregnant Teen

The first type of home for pregnant teens is a place where the teen and her schooling and preparation for motherhood are the focus. Pregnant teens may come here if they have been given an ultimatum by their parents, to escape an abusive relationship, or because there is no one in their world to support them in their choice to keep and raise their child. A pregnant teen who is having difficulty continuing her education at the school she was in may also seek this type of alternative setting, as may a young woman who is leaving foster care, homeless, or learning disabled.

At a home for pregnant teens, there may be house parents, and the home may be conducted as a family setting residency, in which the teen is presented with role models and mentors in parenting.

The teen continues with her education, either through tutoring or attendance at a facility-run or other local school, but lives in a group home where her nutrition and preparation for motherhood also receive attention, with practical lessons that range from diapering to nutrition to child development.  If the father of the baby is in the picture, he may also receive preparation for his role as a father.

After the baby is born, the teen may be able to stay and receive further guidance in parenting, in which—again—the baby’s father may be able to join.

Therapeutic Treatment in a Home for Pregnant Teens

The second type of home for pregnant teens is a residential treatment facility for a teen who has another important issue besides pregnancy that needs treatment. This could be a mood disorder or other mental health issue, or an emotional or behavioral issue. This type of home for pregnant teens provides therapeutic treatment for the other issue as well as the same kinds of assistance with pregnancy, parenting, and education that the first type of home provides.

This second type of home can be critically important for teens with serious issues like a substance abuse problem, a history of self-injury or suicide attempts, or an eating disorder, all of which can have severe effects for the unborn child, as well as for the teen herself.

Selecting a Home for a Pregnant Teen

In choosing either kind of home for pregnant teens, be sure to put licensing and accreditation at the head of your list of things to check. Therapeutic treatment, educational facilities, and mentoring personnel should each be properly accredited. Besides that, if therapy is being offered,find out what type it is and what the success rate is. Read reviews of the home to find out about others’ experiences and, if possible, visit the home prior to enrolling, to get a sense of the atmosphere. If there is a program philosophy, read it carefully to see what it entails.