Teen Help Programs

If a teen decides to keep their baby – they still need somewhere to learn parenting skills. This article contains information on teen pregnancy options such as residential programs that can help them finish school, learn job skills, and learn how to be a teen parent.

Teen help program services range by type of program. Some are residential programs where a pregnant teen can go to learn some parenting skills, finish school, or learn vocational skills to prepare for the workplace.

These programs usually teach skills on care for the child, themselves, and how to balance life in general.  Some act like support groups within a certain community, usually larger metro areas. We are aware of one in L.A. that was tailored for teen dads. This program was extremely successful at helping the young men learn vocational skills such as resume writing as well as relationship skills.

Residential programs are most likely private organizations.  Support groups and other community based programs are usually free and non-profit.  Either way, they both provide a great service that helps teen mothers and fathers be successful.

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